Altered Spacial Perception

After working the whole day on my feet with little or no time to rest, I get so antsy. Tossing pies in a small area for several hours a day, all weekend, makes me the loopiest weirdo at the end of the night and my space is noticeably altered somehow. It’s a confusing feeling but it’s as if I could take on the world. Or not. But it is unlike anything else, most likely because by that time my care and regard for everything has flown out the window. Although this perception is a little negative, at least I have been productive!

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Lasting Touch Impression


Touching and being touched: There is nothing quite like running fingertips over a loved one’s smooth skin. The silky sensitive friction is calming and therapeutic. Skin is so beautiful, and it is truly amazing how delicate yet tough the barrier to our sacred vessel is. Not to mention how awesome these (for lack of a better word) diagrams look:

Touching is definitely a positive experience that leaves a lasting impression for me, and is the most important physical sense I can think of. It is an intimate, indescribable feeling.

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African Artistry

Zulu Pots¬†(Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa –¬†early 20th century)
Zulu Pot


Traditional Zulu and Tutsi Basketry




Miscellaneous works including little to no useful information:






Tutsi Gourd with Basketry Neck

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Line Final

This gallery contains 2 photos.

This creation is a bundle of a decent amount of copper electrical wire. I was shooting for my piece to implicate elegance and simplicity. After experimenting with a couple types of wire, I decided to go with this one because … Continue reading

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Sound Art

I really enjoyed the droney tracks Joe included from Mountains in the Spotify playlist. Each piece is euphoric, ambient and extremely refreshing; I will have to take these with me as soon as the weather is nice again and hiking ensues. The tracks Paper Windmill and Blown Glass Typewriter (above) completely clear your mind. I love the experimental quality and really most the entire “drone” genre: Sonic Youth, Eno, My Bloody Valentine, Velvet Underground, This Will Destroy You, etc.

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Color Final

Color Final

Analogous Color Scheme I am most comfortable with analogous color schemes; the adjacent colors (sitting next to one another) always include one dominating and one supporting color; sometimes an accent. Any combination will always be appealing and serene. Some examples: … Continue reading



My models are simply wire, I used a thinner aluminum & also the thicker kind we were given in class. Wire is a lot of fun and helped me to truly test my fingertips’ abilities. It takes a good while to make a nice straight line or a crisp, solid angle. I was surprised to see what I came up with and overall learned a lot about line of course, also balance and teeny tiny muscles’ strength.

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