Filmmaker Isaac Julien

Director, writer and installation artist, Isaac Julien was born in London, 1960. Objectives of his work include breaking down the barriers that exist between different artistic disciplines, drawing from and commenting on film, dance, photography, music, theatre, painting and sculpture, and uniting these to construct a powerfully visual narrative. Most of his works center around themes of class, sexuality, and artistic and cultural history.

ten_thousand_waves   ten_thousand_waves7   isaac_julien   ten_thousand_waves8   ten_thousand_waves6   playtime_installation_view_2013   paradise_omeros_multi_screen_installation   ten_thousand_waves_visions_of_china   ten_thousand_waves11   ten_thousand_waves_moma   ten_thousand_waves5   ten_thousand_waves12   ten_thousand_waves10   ten_thousand_waves3   ten_thousand_waves2

Ten Thousand Waves (2010): This nine-channel video installation constitutes a mesmerizing hybrid form, a mixture of a travelogue, a kaleidoscopic portrait of Chinese history, and a filmic essay on contemporary networks of human and artistic migration – Metropolitan Museum of Art

photography   isaac_julien_exhibition   james_playtime_2013   looking_for_langston   looking_for_langston3   looking_for_langston2   looking_for_langston4   looking_for_langston_1989   julien_and_tarantino  

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