Video Final

This video was created in homage to my love and hate relationship with skating. I’ve got a ways to go, I’m still quite new however my boyfriend is pretty much a seasoned professional in my eyes. He teaches me everything I know, and on this particular day we were focusing on going backwards. We decided to film, then later added the bits of the vacant skates zooming around the parking lot. Song is Ghostwriter by Rjd2. I opted to include some shaky footage including a finger in the lens here and there, I enjoy the amateur look of our small project. I liked experimenting between slow and fast motion. I did not want to use the cheesy iMovie effects or transitions, so I hope the final product is not too boring. And remember, NEVER ever skate without protection folks! (I relish in the fact the skating clips were filmed a couple hours before my small mishap that is probably going to change my life forever)

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